Online LIVE®

Online LIVE® (OLL)

Online LIVE® (OLL) is a virtual instructor-led training. It combines the best of face-to-face and online training – the flexibility and effective communication with other participants and the lecturer.

Although geographically separated, instructors and students actively discussion, actively perform exercises and practice labs, edit documents simultaneously and use virtual rooms to work in groups.

Each physical room in New Horizons Bulgaria is associated with a corresponding virtual classroom. Depending on the topic, many courses can be conducted in a hybrid format – i.e. the students themselves can choose whether they want to use the virtual classroom or attend an on-site training center.

We would recommend using the Online LIVE® classroom for distance learning.

About The Learning Environment

  • You have freedom to attend the class from any place and device;
  • A real-time learning experience;
  • Ask questions to the lecturer and receive an answer immediately;
  • Access to the exercises and labs even after daily sessions (for most courses – access duration is 6 months after training);
  • Access to video recordings and labs of the training sessions anytime (in a 6-month period);
  • The virtual training platform is easy to use and has basic technical requirements.

Hybrid Training

The hybrid format is a combination of a face-to-face training and a virtual training.

You can choose how you prefer to study – both on site at the training center and/or from your home and office. Also you can flexibly change the location from which you learn.

And, of course, you can take advantage of all the benefits of the Online LIVE® training.

I find it extremely comfortable to be in a home environment where it is quiet and I can concentrate on the material. Everything is at a one hand away distance and there are no various distractions related to having many people in one room (introducing ourselves to each other, turning on / off the air conditioner, etc.). I was able to contact the lecturer and ask questions freely and I was also able to get answers to all the questions that arose during the training. And most importantly, I was not left with the impression that I had not been able to ask about something that interested me and that I had not received an answer as a result of not being in the same room with the lecturer.
Plamen Malev, Process and Quality Manager, Vivavom
New Horizons Bulgaria
36 Dragan Tsankov blvd.
Interpred, Block A, Floor 6
Sofia, 1040