Kristiyan Mladenov

Networking & Cybersecurity Specialist

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By day, Kristiyan works as a security engineer. He adapts and maintains the security infrastructure for a top tier global organization both at the network and at the endpoint level to be able to handle the evolving cybersecurity threats. By night, his focus shifts towards the latest open source security technologies and their application in the real world production environments.

Kristiyan started his career path more than 10 years ago as a network engineer, deploying everything network related – from workgroup LAN switches to core Data Center equipment. He didn't look away when he had to deal with IP Telephony and Interactive Voice Response systems either. The focus on security technologies and his switch to the open source world came after a sabbatical year he spent in a Dutch university, awarded with a Masters degree in Systems and Network Engineering, where he had the time to learn how to automate the boring tasks and also reverse engineer both mobile and IoT devices. During that period he also started developing his fascination for one of the oldest building blocks of the Internet – the Domain Name System (DNS). And he`s not only into digital communication – Kristiyan is a licensed ham radio operator – ask him for his call sign if you wish to communicate with him over the air in the VHF or UHF radio spectrum.

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