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Citrix is a leader in mobile workspace solutions for businesses and enterprises worldwide. Citrix solutions allow employees in different locations to connect and collaborate in real time. Users can choose the ideal time and place for their work and gain instant access to secure business information over any network.

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 Citrix Training Pass

Citrix Training Pass (CTP)

The Citrix Training Pass (CTP) is a pre-paid voucher that can be redeemed for Bulgaria Citrix training at New Horizons within a year of purchase.

You can order Citrix products and services at the same time, allowing you to build training into your overall project budget.

When you a purchase a Citrix Training Pass, you will:

  • Simplify your training budget
  • Reduce administrative processes
  • Lay the foundation for a customized, flexible Citrix training plan

All preparation and exams are offered in one convenient package at a significantly reduced price. You will save 20 percent off the retail cost.

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 About Citrix

Citrix Training at New Horizons Bulgaria

Adopting Citrix’s desktop virtualization system helps businesses:

  • Increase productivity and collaboration
  • Exchange sensitive information securely
  • Reduce costs of application and desktop management
  • Centralize IT services
  • Implement mobile solutions that contribute to a happier workforce

Using Citrix products also allows you to implement and maintain:

  • Server, application and desktop virtualization
  • Networking
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Cloud computing technologies, including open source products

Bulgaria Citrix training from New Horizons provides you with a full understanding of Citrix technologies and prepares you to pass Citrix certification exams. New Horizons’ training courses cover these popular products:

Citrix Virtual Desktop (formerly XenDesktop)

Citrix Virtual Desktop is a secure virtual application that mobilizes Windows applications and desktops by translating them to any mobile device. Employees get the freedom to use their own devices without relying on IT to support the hardware.

Benefits of Citrix Virtual Desktop include:

  • Leverages a mobile workforce
  • Simplifies management
  • Reduces costs
  • Enhances security

Citrix Virtual Apps (formerly XenApps)

Citrix Virtual Apps delivers hosted applications and desktops as on-demand, real-time services that allow users to connect on any device. Virtual Apps reduces the need for traditional hardware and streamlines application management.

Benefits of Citrix Virtual Apps include:

  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased security

Hypervisor (formerly XenServer)

Citrix Hypervisor is an open-source server virtualization platform that lets you manage virtual cloud, server and desktop foundations.

Hypervisor enables IT to significantly reduce the number of servers in the datacenter, while maximizing application performance. Hypervisor offers security and space for multiple virtual machines on a single physical server.

Benefits of Citrix Hypervisor include:

  • Reduced IT spend
  • Easily adaptable to changing business needs
  • Improved operational performance

Citrix ADC (formerly NetScaler)

ADC is a cloud platform that allows networks across the globe to control, optimize and secure the delivery of enterprise information. As a single solution with a powerful interface, it provides quick information delivery while reducing ongoing operational expenses.

ADC improves network and server performance and allows users to keep information isolated on the cloud, reducing data security concerns.

Citrix training proves you have the skills required to implement and manage Citrix solutions that power business mobility. New Horizons offers Citrix training courses and certifications at the associate, professional and expert level.

Comprehensive Bulgaria Citrix training from New Horizons benefits IT professionals in various fields, including:

  • Web designers and developers
  • System administrators
  • Citrix engineers
  • Citrix systems managers
  • Business analysts
  • Cloud, infrastructure and virtualization architects
  • Mobile designers
  • Network operations manager

Citrix training will help you get the skills to:

  • Understand and configure the most popular Citrix technologies, including Virtual Apps and Desktop, Hypervisor and ADC
  • Implement and maintain server, application and desktop virtualization
  • Manage cloud computing technologies, including open source products